About Victoria David Danann Reply

Over a period of forty years I acquired what is, for all I know, one of the most extensive libraries on the subject of magick, esoterica and mysticism ever amassed. I spent thousands of dollars on journeys and access to engage the masters of many disciplines. Since then these principles have been crunched in the crucible and refined through study, experience, and experimentation to form my own Magickal philosophy and system. At the behest of devotees of Seasons of the Witch, I have organized this knowledge into a progressive format so that it can be offered to you. You are led to the door. Whether or not you enter is up to you and no one will think less of you if you do not choose the path of the Magician.

I am not just a merchant. I am also a believer following a path that I never expected to become a mission. I hope that you can benefit from my experience and save yourself the dead-ends, silly distractions and falsehoods that are often presented as genuine magick. – Victoria David Danann

As you may know I am the creator of Seasons of the Witch, originally launched in 2000. After receiving hundreds of communications from Seasons of the Witch users and from people who had read my related books asking for an in-depth course, I created Seasons in Avalon School of Magickal Arts. My daughter, Kelly Danann, has been administrator and head mistress since day one.

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