About Seasons in Avalon 1


  1. AGE: We will not accept anyone under the age of eighteen, with or without parental approval and prefer students be at least twenty-two.
  2. TECHNICAL: Your computer must have Adobe Acrobat capability and have some form of media player that will play mp3 audio files. It will also be helpful, although not necessary, if you have an mp3 player like Ipod, Rio, etc. If you’re not sure about Adobe Acrobat, you can download for free by following this link … http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html?promoid=BUIGO. You can also download a free media player here http://www.winamp.com/player

2.) ORIENTATION:  We believe that you are occupying a body on the Earth plane at this particular time for a reason. We believe that your present reading of this material is part of that reason. We believe that your dreams and desires are the ultimate clues to your purpose for being here. We believe that magick is the ultimate self-help device and that it is available to any person with the courage to tap its Power. Can it be used to help others as well? Certainly.

We would not undertake the challenge of organizing the Seasons in Avalon School to repeat information that is readily available elsewhere. If we were asked to label ourselves, we would call ourselves Witches or Magicians. This does not mean that we do not respect the principles of Wicca. We do, in fact, draw from Wiccan tenets and ideas. It means, rather, that we are not strictly Wiccan as we have bestowed upon ourselves a freedom of movement and flexibility necessary to the development of new forms and systems. You do not need to come to us with any previous background. We cannot assume levels of study so we will try to provide extemporaneous material and/or footnotes (perhaps extra reading) as situations demand.

We love the Earth and the changing of its seasons. A successful practice of magick relies upon our knowledge of the turning of the Earth, the phases of the moon and the shifting of the tides to tell us exactly when to perform what kind of magick.

We honor the Old Ones and the Old Ways for giving us roots, history and a poetic, sometimes epic, perspective while acknowledging that what we know of them is cursory as many facts, practices and essential truths, are shrouded in the mystery of lost record. Our focus will be on acquiring the fluidity necessary to adapt our interpretation of the Old Ways to contemporary life so that we may enjoy the richness and fullness of meaning as originally intended.

3.) OVERVIEW: The school is designed as three year-long courses plus a possible fourth year series of workshops for depth training in person. All students, regardless of experience, must demonstrate the humility necessary to begin at the beginning.

You may begin at any time. You will still start with the First Lesson of the First Year. Your year begins when you enroll.

First Year –   THE NOVITIATE (13 Months of the 7th House Witches Calendar)

Second Year – THE INITIATE (13 Months of the 7th House Witches Calendar)

Third Year – ADEPTUS (13 Months of the 7th House Witches Calendar)

Fourth Year and Beyond– Masters Studies.  At this time the options are a choice of a nine lesson module on Egyptian Magick or General Masters Studies.

4.) FORMAT: Courses will be accessed online in with your username and password which are active while your enrollment is in good standing.

5.) APPLICATION AND TUITION: Prospective students must fill out a questionnaire and application. No application is required. Upon review and acceptance, an invitation to register will be sent by email. An enrollment/processing fee of $20 with first month’s lesson tuition waived plus tuition of $13 every Witches’ Calendar month will be accepted from your preferred credit / debit card or PayPal account a few days before the new moon occurs. You may withdraw at any time for any reason or suspend your enrollment status for any length of time up to a year. Every student is allowed two free auto-billing failures per year after which an administrative fee of $10 will be charged for each instance.

5.) THE HONOR SYSTEM:  We’re not concerned about the potential for illicit sharing of information because we know that The Universe is just and that it operates on a system of rewards and consequences. If you attempt to cheat us by sharing information with people who are not registered by the school, you will pay a price that far exceeds the amount of tuition.

6.) COURSE ACCESS: Upon successful registration you will receive an access code to the first lesson. Most lessons will be offered as both text (pdf) and abbreviated audio versions (mp3).

7.) ADVANCING: We will not offer any form of certification, ordination or clerical degree. Some people may have natural gifts. Some people may acquire skills through intensive study and concentration. All who come to the altar are not equal, but your Magickal expertise is between you and The Powers That Be. If your true heart’s goal is a happy, fulfilled, balanced life and the accomplishment of your dreams and desires, that will be honor enough.

For this reason, we are not going to “grade” your work or decide for you whether or not you are ready to advance to the next lesson. This sort of personal assessment and responsibility is necessary to the successful practice of Witchcraft so this is a good place to start practicing it.

8.) COURSE MATERIALS: We will not require any purchases in first or second year, but strongly recommend that you have some form of Seasons of the Witch (planner or calendar), and The Primer. We will also frequently reference The Master Grimoire. These are available through www.7th-House.com. In third year, we will study and analyze several books of esoterica, but we will sell these on a cost to us (non-profit) basis. Links will be provided in third year lessons. Also, we will occasionally suggest working with particular herbs or oils, but purchase and use is optional.

9.) COMMUNICATION WITH SIA: Links to lessons will be delivered via email. Updates and announcements will be posted via the infostream on our Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/?act=60204144#/pages/Seasons-in-Avalon/245989664712 Facebook accounts are free and do not require any information other than an email address. If you do not wish to use your main email, you can open a free account with hotmail or gmail for Facebook purposes only.

If you are accepted, you will be invited to enroll and issued a password that will give you access to that lesson so long as you are enrolled in the school. New lessons will be available every new moon. START ANYTIME. Your first year begins the day you are granted access to lessons.

click on this link  If you believe you may be a candidate, we invite you to answer thirteen questions.


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